Stylish handset the LG Prada 3.0

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Fashion and mobiles don’t mix that often there has been the original LG Prada phone, and then we have had the Samsung Armani, Motorazr V3i Dolce & Gabbana and Nokias 7373 Giambattista Valli. LG are once again pushing forward their designer pairing with the launch of their LG Prada 3.0 review.

It was back in 2007 when what some considered an unlikely pairing first launched their handset and back then over a million of them were sold, which isn’t a bad feat. It was also the first mobile phone ever made with a touch screen, which is surprising to learn, many people probably over looked it because of the joint venture with a fashion house.

Fast forward 5 years and we are now looking at this new handset which includes a 1.0 GHz dual core processor, a generous 4.3 inch NOVA screen, an 8 megapixel camera and 8GB of storage memory, just to start with. It will run on Android Gingerbread however there has been an announcement stating that it has been scheduled for the Ice Cream Sandwich update, yum.

The handset is fairly thin at only 8.5mm however thanks to LG’s signature Floating Mass Technology it looks thinner (wouldn’t it be great if that would happen to all of us!) On the back of the handset you will find it marked with Prada’s signature Saffiona pattern which adds a nice touch and helps the phone stand apart from other aesthetically pleasing handsets.

Unsurprisingly the LG Prada is not cheap, considering all you get with it and the designer attachment; it’s not out in a ridiculous price range. You will be looking at paying around £500 sim free however I am sure there will be plenty of good deals available on contract. Not sure if there will be any more designer tie-ins with handsets this year, but keep on mobile phone news to be the first to know.

LG Prada 3.0

LG Prada 3.0

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