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Feb 16, 2012 by

Picture courtesy of Melissa Gray

Played worldwide and rapidly increasing in popularity, darts is a tense and gripping game requiring accuracy in throwing and nerves of steel. Best known in its classic format of 501, the game has made darts betting a growing part of the choice for gamblers.

There are top darts competitions all over the world and two world championship events, one organised by the British Darts Association (BDA) and the other by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). Darts betting has been around for centuries in pubs and clubs in the UK and now there are more and more opportunities to bet on darts both online and in bookmakers’ shops.

Grand Prix darts betting is a top draw for gamblers, with plenty of odds from which to choose. Most common is to bet on the overall winner of winners of particular matches, but there are other options, such as winners of games or sets, or how many top scores of 180 a player might make in a tournament.

There are dozens of online and offline opportunities for darts betting, and signing up for a new account is easy. It can also be lucrative because many online bookmakers offer bonuses for first time depositors.

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